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Disclosing more evidence on the «PLOT TO UNSEAT Tarek RABAA»: “a British number”

Freedom to Tarek Rabaa

After publishing the first evidence on the plot to unseat the eng Tarek RABAA based on a French mobile number 0033607867583 the intelligence of the Lebanese army had considered it used by the Mossad, but in fact it is used by a French transport company, a new evidence shows another British mobile number 00447859033661 they included in Tarek’s file as part of the plot to purposely detain him on July 12, 2010…

The intelligence of the Lebanese army had attached to Tarek’s file a tailored list for the communications between the British number 00447859033661 and the personal cellular number of Tarek RABAA 009613399945. According to some experts in the telecommunications field, such tailored list was extracted from the CDR (Call Data Record) but it was filtered in a simple form to just show the communications between the British number and the Lebanese number.

CDR list from the file of Tarek Rabaa

Such list was not issued neither by the ministry of telecommunications in Lebanon nor by the mobile operator, and it doesn’t show neither a stamp nor the date of issuance, but just 2 small signatures with a comment written by hand to explain the list. They wrote on the list in Arabic “A British number outside Lebanon exchanged text messages with Tarek RABAA on April 12, 2006 and April 16, 2006 at midnight and the latter was in the proximity of the region of Aley”.
According to experts, such list if copied from the original CDR, the investigators can manipulate it and as such it is not reliable to base a dangerous charge against the engineer Tarek RABAA.

Who used the British number?
The British number 00447859033661 is mentioned in the preliminary investigation file as a mobile number which communicated exclusively with the engineer Tarek RABAA in Lebanon. Based on this exclusivity, the investigators considered the British number as suspicious number to exchange SMS with Tarek in 2006. This British number was added to the French number 0033607867583 they said it is for the Mossad, but in fact it is used by a transport company in France.

This British number stated in Tarek’s file as suspicious is in fact a normal number which was used by Halima. The following document proves that it was used by Halima, a woman from Tunisia, who visited Lebanon in 2005, she lives in London and she manages a SPA there…
British Number

Dozens of evidence have been submitted to the military court in Beirut and yet Tarek is still in arbitrary detention.
The court has no single evidence on the charges and the trial is still ongoing since many years…

From another side, according to the law, Tarek RABAA has been kidnapped on July 12, 2010 by the intelligence of the army then he was tortured and arbitrary detained until today without any evidence on the charges the military prosecutor had fabricated in collaboration with the intelligence department to cover the flagrant violation of the Lebanese law as well as the international agreements signed by the Lebanese state…


Evidence on the plot to unseat Tarek RABAA

Evidence on the plot to unseat Tarek Rabaa

This is a formal certificate issued by Welcome V&V, a transport company in France, admitting that the French mobile number 0033607867583 is assigned to Welcome.

This number was used by the military intelligence in Lebanon to suspect the brilliant engineer‏ ‏Tarek RABAA who is arbitrary detained since July 12, 2010 based on Fabricated charges.

To detain Tarek, the military intelligence said that the above French number is used by the Mossad and consequently they tortured Tarek in an underground custody for 108 days because he was saying “on what i will confess, i didn’t contact the Mossad, i don’t know Mossad’s agent”.

The attached document proves that Vanni Tran Vivier received Tarek in 2007 to attend a training course, upon the request of Alfa, at Alcatel-Lucent premises in Lannion (France).
According to phone data records, Tarek received from the above number a phone call on his personal mobile number 009613399945 (duration of 1 minute) the intelligence said that the number is for the Mossad and therefore they unseated Tarek from Alfa.

From another side, on February 12, 2014 Major-General Ashraf Rifi, currently a minister, stated that Tarek’s file was used to interfere on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and he said he fears he is a victim of a file.

on March 26, 2014 the minister of telecoms Boutros Harb announced in a press conference that 650 Million USD were spent during the last years on the cellular networks in Lebanon and he confirmed the occurrence of suspected deals as well as unseating employees without explanation.

All those evidence and facts match what the family of Tarek RABAA previously published in local newspapers regarding a plot to unseat him from his position, and yet he is not released.

Rabih RABAA in a press conference: “dozens of evidence prove the innocence of Tarek”

Rabih Rabaa in a press conference

On February 13, 2014 Rabih RABAA conducted in the house of the family in Tarik Al Jadidah district a press conference to explain the latest findings in the case of his brother Tarek RABAA who is detained since July 12, 2010 based on wrong charges. Rabih disclosed formal documents issued by the concerned parties regarding the real users of international numbers they included in Tarek’s file to detain him and he said “if the military intelligence suspected Tarek based on rumors, then this suspicion shall be disregarded after we have proven, by the mean of formal evidence, it is baseless and consequently, Tarek shall be released according to the law. The military court has previously released dozens of defendants regadless the phase of the trial and it has even released defendants during the investigation stage”.

Rabid added “our numerous evidence have been submitted to the concerned authorities to release Tarek who is innocent, accused without neither confession nor evidence and he is yet detained since July 12, 2010. We will expose some of the solid evidence in order to have Tarek released and we are not aiming at challenging neither the court nor those who investigated with Tarek, but to drop the case in a later stage. Tarek has been detained based on a French mobile number which has been revealed it is used by a transport company and the mobile number is in service until today”.

Rabih ended by saying “our request to release Tarek is lawful and it is not our role to submit evidence but, according to the Lebanese and international law as well as the international agreements signed by the Lebanese state, it is the role of the military prosecutor to submit evidence on the accusation”.

As shown in the photo, the press conference was filmed by four local TV stations “LBC, MTV Lebanon, Future and Aljadeed” but the MTV station didn’t broadcast…

Source: National News Agency

New photo in Support of Liberating Tarek RABAA “A Political Prisoner in Lebanon”

Via Flickr:
This is a photo for the engineer Tarek RABAA exchanged recently on social medias in support of his freedom and liberation.

Tarek is a brilliant telecom engineer who was heading until 2010 the transmission engineering unit in one of the mobile operators in Lebanon known by Alfa. Tarek was working on tenders with international suppliers to expand and to develop the transmission network based on IP/MPLS technology. In 2008, Huawei, a Chinese supplier, won a project known by Bluejay and since then he experienced harassment at work until he was targeted by a plot to unseat him from his position on July12, 2010.

Tarek has been held captive by the military court in Lebanon based on fabricated charges of collaborating with the Mossad without neither evidence nor confession in spite of the torture he experienced during the preliminary investigation conducted in an underground custody in the ministry of defense.

Before kidnapping Tarek in 2010, an officer known by Wissam Eid, an engineer, had been assassinated on January 25, 2008. After kidnapping Tarek, they assassinated in Beirut the major general Wissam Al Hassan on October 19, 2012. Wissam Al Hassan and Wissam Eid were both officers coordinating with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon regarding the assassination of the ex prime minister Rafic Hariri.

In addition to the plot to unseat Tarek Rabaa from Alfa, his case has been used to discredit the report of the engineer Wissam Eid who documented his findings in a report which has been used by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. The findings of Wissam Eid were mainly based on the cellular phones data records analysis.

Tarek is a political prisoner in Lebanon detained arbitrary since July 12, 2010 until today without a single evidence..
The photo shows an unbalanced scales to reflect the biased military court which is not dealing neutrally with the case until today…They think, by keeping Tarek detained, he will submit for a politicized sentence to stifle the scandal, but such attempts will fail especially with the new government formed by Tammam Salam on February 15, 2014.
The ex prime minister Saad Hariri insisted on appointing the major-general Ashraf Rifi as a minister in the new government in spite of the strong objection manifested by March 8 coalition. The new minister, Major General Ashraf Rifi, was the general director of the internal security forces from 2005 until 2013, he knows very well how the case of Tarek Rabaa has been exploited and he said that on February 12, 2014 in an interview with Paula Yacoubian.
Nowadays, with Ashraf Rifi as a minister, there is a big hope that this case will be closed very soon with the support of the chief of the future movement the ex prime minister Saad HARIRI who left Lebanon in 2011 for security issues..